Still Looking For the Perfect Easter Gift?

What is your favorite Easter tradition? Dyeing Easter eggs in soft pastel or painting them in garish colors, then rolling them across the grass? Nibbling the ears off chocolate bunnies, fishing jelly beans out of baskets filled with green strips of plastic grass, or cuddling with a real Easter Bunny for photos?

Many of us have bright memories of our childhood Easter celebrations and our family’s most treasured Easter traditions. As an adult, the Easter egg hunts might have taken a backseat to celebrating this season in church and remembering the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. His promise to you of eternal life comforts you in the Spring and all year round.

Fete wants to help you remember this sacred season while you recapture the bright celebrations of your childhood (and feel the soft, grainy crunch of a yellow marshmallow peep between your teeth again)!

Bring these Easter decorations into your home to reconnect with the pure joy of Easter in a refined, elegant way that highlights the spiritual meaning of this holiday.

The Angel Moves the Stone

On the third day, the angel rolled the stone away from Jesus’ tomb to allow the women to come inside. They then spread the Good News of His resurrection far and wide.

This has several lessons for Christians like you. Most importantly, Jesus was raised to eternal life, and he promises the same to you. Just like the angel rolled the stone away from the tomb, your faith can help you overcome any obstacle. And finally, just like the women who witnessed his resurrection, it is your duty to share the Good News.

These Angel and Stone themed décor pieces will remind you of this miracle and the importance of sharing your faith.

  • Decorate your couch or office and share your faith with the Angel & Stone Embroidered Tapestry. This delicate embroidery will remind you that He can roll any stone from your path and help you overcome all obstacles!
  • Or place the Angel Hand Tufted Rug in your entranceway or hearth. Show your faith to your guests and warm your heart while remembering that “He is Risen.”
  • Need reassurance from His word? This ornate Angel and Stone Bible Cover will encourage you to turn to Him and revisit the Bible, the cornerstone of your faith. This high-quality linen cover also makes a great gift for the other believers in your life, or a beautiful reminder of faith in an Easter basket. It is adjustable to fit many common sizes of Bibles, which makes it a great gift.
Easter’s Miracle
Morning of mornings, darkness is over. The angel proclaimed, “He is risen!” to tell the world about Jesus’ resurrection. Fete wants to help you shout out your love for him, too. These stylish items use a striking sunrise design to help you share your faith and add His light to every corner of your home.

  • Welcome His light with this He is Risen Stained-Glass Suncatcher. It’s ideal for celebrating the growing daylight in the Spring, the sunny days of Summer, chasing the warm sun into Autumn, or capturing the last rays of Winter’s light. With its attractive design, this is a perfect hostess or housewarming gift that will complement any décor.
  • The He is Risen Woven Throw Blanket is an evocative, stylish sunrise design that reminds you of the miracle of Jesus’ rebirth. This design does not include words, which means it is appropriate both for a religious nook in your home or for a subtle reminder of your faith in a secular environment like a school or office.
  • Make a strong statement of your faith with this He is Risen Hand Tufted Rug. The dramatic sunshine designs highlight the angel’s encouraging words, reminding you to proclaim your love for Him to all.
Spring into New Life
The Easter egg and the Easter bunny are every kid’s favorite Easter symbols. Although they aren’t mentioned directly in the Bible, these symbols connect us to Easter’s real spiritual lessons.
Cultures around the world use the egg as a symbol of new life. A baby chick’s emergence from the egg can remind you of Christ’s rebirth from the tomb.
The rabbit symbolizes innocence and the birth of new life in Spring. Rabbits also multiply—a couple of rabbits quickly becomes many more! This is similar to how Christians have been told to spread the Good News of Jesus and multiply the faithful worldwide.
Fete’s Easter bunny and egg gifts are the perfect way to decorate your home or share your faith with your little ones. Helping kids connect to Easter starts your own cherished Easter traditions and builds their own faith foundation.

  • This Easter Bunny & Egg Embroidered Bible Cover has a tasteful tufted design that echoes traditional tapestry. Seven happy bunnies play among young spring flowers on this charming Bible cover. Encourage seasonal reflection on the reason to celebrate Easter: the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection and his promise of life everlasting.
  • Cuddle up on a cool spring morning with this Easter Bunny and Egg Throw Blanket. Add a seasonal touch to your bed and snooze comfortably. Or give it to a child to decorate their room, and when they wake up Easter morning, they just might hear the Easter bunny outside.
His Promise to You
Jesus’ resurrection is the miracle that brings salvation to us all. With his rebirth from death, he promises you that your faith also means eternal life with Him. Keeping this miracle close in your mind reassures you as you face life’s obstacles—you are always moving closer to Him.

  • Remember the true miracle of Easter and Jesus’ promise of eternal life in faith with this Bible Pillow embroidered with 1 Corinthians 15: 1-15. These verses tell you the true meaning of Christ’s resurrection. It’s perfect for decorating your home or even passing on to a friend who needs reassurance during a tough time.
For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.