Our Story

You made it!
Fete is a place for the faith explorer to find home.
Although we are a team at different stages in our walk with God, our mission is the same.
Create excellent goods that exist as physical inspirations of faith.
Regardless of your story, we believe that the home you create is a core pillar of the home God is building within you.
So no matter how you found yourself here.
We pay high honor to your story.
This is actually what our name means.
But you might be asking, “how do I pronounce Fete?”
Think Fate.
The name is actually a tribute to how this all began.
Fete’s origins begin on the African continent.
While working in Lagos, Noah, our founder, witnessed people’s faith in a genuine and unhindered way. This experience was so transformational for Noah that it sparked an idea to make this tangible expression of faith available to anyone right at home.
So we built Fete.
Since 2021, we’ve been crafting goods for the home that inspire connection with God.
Our hope is that our products would set in motion honest conversations, human connection and hopefully an internal transformation within Christians and those seeking faith.
But what does that look like?
Renewed Faith. Anchored Hope. Abiding Love.
With any of our goods, we want you to experience just that.

The intangible becomes tangible.
We make our goods with sustainability in mind.
Although our products are made to last, we pray the friendship you find with God through our Bible Pillow, plushies or any of our home decor and accessories will outlive anything we could make with our hands.
As we create new products, our team believes that if we are willing to explore innovative textiles, production processes and even deeper … our own stories, that our passion for excellence will produce an eternal, yet grounded product experience.
So why home decor and accessories you might ask?
Why not?
The things we place in our homes and the things we wear are always with us; Like God.
He is home.
We want this eternal principle to be rooted in your home, your person, and your heart.
Life is full of new adventures, questions and faces, but you can experience stability amidst the changes when you are at home with who you are in God.
Even if you never buy one thing from Fete, we do hope you’re inspired to explore more of your faith, allow passion to propel excellence and choose sustainability because it cultivates life.
Every space. Every heart.
Let’s make it home!